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Mystery Puzzles

These unique 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles blend elements from comics, Where’s Waldo books, and mysteries to create the most exciting, brain-teaser puzzling experience yet!

✅ Build to find out what happens (the puzzle you build is different than the image on the box!)

✅ Dive into magical worlds and discover charming characters

✅ Enjoy the most detailed, beautiful artwork created by independent artists

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Snack Attack + Turbo 3000 + Beyond the Kelp

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“The best puzzles I have”

Christopher F.

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Megan N.

“Love them!”


Not Your
Regular Puzzles

The image on the box is NOT exactly what you build. You don’t know what you’re building, so every piece is part of the surprise. Every single piece gets you closer to finding out what happens in the story. That means it'll keep you guessing until the very last piece!


on the box


you build

Explore the Stories


snack attack

Dive into the world of Woof High where dogs are teachers and humans are students. Lurking just around the corner, the Principal smells trouble... But what trouble could there possibly be?

Illustrated by Nho Huy Le 🇻🇳


turbo 3000

Jump into a world down under. Society is thriving, prosperous and excited for the future. That is, all but one pessimistic old soul constantly babbling about the foretold prophecy: THE GREAT CLEANSING. Should the residents of Rugsville be alarmed?

Pom and Moe from 3Land Studio


beyond the kelp

In a world under the sea, not too dissimilar to ours, inhabitants flow through their lives day in and day out. It feels like an inescapable 'sardine race' with no end in sight. But what's about to happen will completely alter their perspectives forever…

Illustrated by Juan Pablo Castromora