3 pack CHARACTER Mini
3 pack CHARACTER Mini
3 pack CHARACTER Mini
3 pack CHARACTER Mini

3 pack CHARACTER Mini

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What’s better than 1 mini puzzle with adorable characters on a gradient background? 3 of them. Dive into the world of mini puzzles by Odd Pieces and kick back with a set of mini puzzles. These mini puzzles are ideal for travelling and are challenging enough that you may even call it relaxing once you get the hang of it.

👉 3x 150pc mini jigsaw puzzle
👉 Completed size is 10x15 cm
👉 Packaged in a travel-friendly mini tube 

💙 5% donated to support artists

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Sarah robertson
Fun little extra

Fun little puzzle! Some of the pieces are almost too close and it doesn’t stay together quite as well as a normal size puzzle, but it was still fun to do. The pieces are tiny, but don’t bend and lose shape.

Jennifer P
Tricky but so fun!

Loved the challenge of putting a puzzle together without the picture - gave the process a bit of challenge and some extra fun. I purchased all 3 and loved them all.

Andrew Owen

Fun quick little puzzles. With the size of the pieces, you were not always sure if you were placing the right one on the areas that looked the same.

Holly Field
A fun challenge

These mini puzzles were a challenge simply because they are so tiny. The finished puzzle isn't much bigger than a postcard. I'm impressed that despite the small size, they did have distinct shapes that interlocked.

Febiana Tedja
Perfect for lunch break

Love the mini puzzle but I find that the edges peel off easily. Also, I find that the pieces cut are not distinct so for areas that have same background color sequence, I have trouble finding the right pieces.