3LAND consists of 3 members.

Husband (Pom), wife (Moe) and their son (Jinta). 

Pom is from Thailand and Moe is from Japan. They met in Taiwan where they had a 10-day group exhibition together in 2017. Moe liked Pom very much at first sight, so she told him so and talked to him every day. But Pom hardly understood anything because he didn’t understand English. They used google translate to talk but it wasn’t so fun. Instead of talking, they drew together. It was really fun. When they had to go home they were super sad, and they decided to get married. Pom studied English, so they don’t have to use google translate anymore. They now live in Japan with their happy baby boy, Jinta. We named him “Jinta” after the Thai word for “imagination”, because we believe everything we can imagine will become true.