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Snack Attack

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Dive into the world of Woof High where dogs are teachers and humans are students. Lurking just around the corner, the Principal smells trouble... But what trouble could there possibly be? 

👉 1x 1000pc jigsaw puzzle
👉 2x Storytelling comics

👉 2x Puzzle guide maps
👉 1x Hidden clue checklist
👉 1x Secret ending envelope

💙 5% donated to support artists

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Easy on the Eyes

Our family likes to do puzzles together, and we then often pass them on to the grandparents. This one was great for us and our young adult children. We really like that it’s matte. That made it so much easier to see and didn’t strain my eyes. The puzzle itself is high quality, relatively thick, and the pieces fit together very well. We had fun seeing how the scene had changed slightly. The “mystery” was cute, but it wasn’t really something that takes much solving. The image really does show clearly exactly what is going on. We thought it might have been a bit more fun if we didn’t look at the “find the hidden stories” checklist until after we had tried to determine what was going on in the scene. That really pointed out more or less exactly what was happening. That’s probably a good feature for children, but if you’re adults putting this together, maybe wait to look at it until after you evaluate the final scene. Overall, this was a fun puzzle to put together, and every detail is high quality from the printing to the pieces to the box. It is a bit pricey for a puzzle that doesn’t take that long to put together, but we’re still going to buy more. As for passing it on to the grandparents… the pieces are about 1” square or so. The included “guide maps” are relatively small (8x12” or so). I don’t think this one will work for my father-in-law as it will be too difficult for him to see.

Scott Stevens
Super fun puzzle, extremely good quality

This puzzle was the most fun we've ever had doing a puzzle. The whole thing is put together as such a fun experience. The quality of the puzzle itself is outstanding. Rigid pieces, well constructed. The artwork was awesome, too! We're going to buy the others!

Amazing puzzle. Great Customer Service!

I had kickstarted this puzzle and was very happy with the results. The puzzle is clean with no cardboard dust. The pieces feel good to play with. The puzzle fits together tightly, and is easy to disassemble. The concept was a great joy to explore. The landmarks that do not change from before to after make the puzzle seem not impossible. Our cat had stolen a piece from us and we were able to work with customer service to get a replacement. Overall I am very happy with the company, quality, design, and concept of these puzzles. Will look to order and complete more in the future.

Luke Cheney
Nice Matte Pieces, interesting and fluid design

The pieces were matte which means no glare or shine and is a puzzler’s dream. The design was interesting but truthfully there weren’t that drastic of changes between the original image and the one that gets revealed by the finished puzzle. There were minor difference here and there but no big wow factor or aha moment. The Smokey smell flowing through most of the design definitely helped connect some sections that would’ve otherwise taken me a lot longer. For the most part I really enjoyed this puzzle but the main negative would be that the pieces did not click together very well. It was definitely not a secure connection so if you wanted to lift or move it there was no way to do so without it falling apart.

Nicole McLachlin
Fun for the whole family

Brought it to the family cottage with extended family for a week. Great rainy day activity.



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