Storage & Sorting Kit
Storage & Sorting Kit
Storage & Sorting Kit
Storage & Sorting Kit

Storage & Sorting Kit

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A must-have for an efficient and convenient puzzling experience. Simply use the puzzle mat and roll up to save your progress wherever you are!

  • 4 sorting trays to organize your pieces according to shapes and colors
  • 1 puzzle mat with printed outlines to give you an edge in puzzling. No pun intended.
  • 1 blow up tube, hand held pump, velcro straps and drawstring bag

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful Product AND Fantastic Customer Service

The Odd Pieces puzzle brought three generations together at the table for LONG stretches of time WITHOUT interest in our electronic devices. What? IKR?! That really says something! :-) The puzzle was delightfully challenging and very well-made. The Sorting & Storage Kit was very helpful. Initially, the teens in the group were not very interested in the sorting containers. They just wanted to get in there and get it done, however, next time I looked, they were using them (likely due to the fact that the puzzle was harder than they had anticipated. The thick, felt mat made it super easy to work the puzzle on the dining table, then move it out of the way for meals. As soon as the dishes were cleared, the puzzle was back! LOL!

When we had an issue with one of the corner snaps on the green sorting container, Odd Pieces jumped into action and got us everything we needed and went above and beyond to make us happy!! I will say this, as a consumer (especially these days), it's important to understand that sometimes things may take a minute. Patience and kindness goes a long way and is met, by Odd Pieces, with friendliness and generosity. If you ever have an issue (which is likely rare), simply give them a chance to make it right. I am certain they will. - Thank you Odd Pieces for being such a wonderful company with great products and customer service that rocks! Cheers!

Dolores C.

I like how the system is collapsible so it is easy to store.

Judy Ha
great quality

very useful tool when you have baby around

Larry D.
Great product

The mat and the holders are perfect for my wife and I to use together and not have pieces all over the table, with cats in the house it makes it rough to not have pieces all over the place and it helps when you can keep them contained.

Gary Sawyer

Very satisfied! Thank you.