Jigsaw puzzles with a mysterious secret ending


1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles that blends elements from comics, where's waldo books, and mysteries to create the best puzzle, most exciting, brain teasing puzzling experience yet!

It's a Jigsaw Puzzle Game.

You piece together the clues, secrets, and mini stories bit by bit, until you finally uncover the secret ending...🕵️🤯

The image on the box is not exactly what you build.

Every jigsaw puzzle is a mystery waiting to be solved. Find out what happens in each jigsaw puzzle by piecing together the clues, secrets, and mini stories until the very last piece where the secret ending awaits.

 The image on the box: sets the scene  The image of the puzzle: is the final scene!

You don’t know what you’re building, so every piece is part of the surprise. 

We worked with incredibly talented artists and comic writers to create 3 imaginary worlds filled with detailed art, hidden stories, secrets, and mysteries scattered throughout. 

Assemble the 1,000 pieces and solve the mystery. Each piece revealing a little more as you build your way to the unexpected ending. All 3 jigsaw puzzles are adult and kid-friendly. 

How it Works