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Series 1 Bundle
Jason Gagne
Très beau produit

Wow la qualité est vraiment au rendez-vous, la livraison c'est fait en seulement 3 jours pour Québec Canada et il sont quand même dure a faire.
Le seul point négatif c'est ce qui explique le 4 étoiles, c'est qu'il sont en anglais. J’aurai aimer une version française pour le Québec!

Super fun!!

Bought this present for my friends and I to enjoy together, and we absolutely loved it! The pieces are really good quality and was much more interesting to complete than other puzzles we’ve done. Would recommend!!

Absolutely love this puzzles…can’t wait for series 3

Snack Attack
Benoit Tremblay

It was really exciting to do!

Great product, puzzle feels well built. Everything packaged very nicely. Puzzles were very fun to do.

Snack Attack
I don’t usually do puzzles
Fun way to puzzle

I’m not a huge puzzle person, but my partner is. I saw an ad for Odd Pieces on YouTube (I know… it worked) and thought it’d be a fun thing to do together and keep me interested. Easy enough to do in one day between two adults that aren’t puzzle fiends and fun to reveal the story. Love the whimsy of it and the pieces feel like top notch quality and hold up well and don’t peel. Give it a whirl.

Beyond the Kelp
Nathan Kull
Pleasantly calming

It's so fun to relax but also still put some thought not in what you are doing but what the picture is doing.

Still haven’t received my order which was placed 25 days ago.

Snack Attack
Karol Kosakowski
Great gift

Made for a lovely anniversary present

Series 2 Bundle
Gordon Moores
I have no feedback at this time.

Boxes are unopened. I have no feedback at this time. Check back in 6 months.

These are great for traveling on an airplane


Wonderful puzzle except that the actual puzzle picture should be way larger than it was. You could barely see any of it.

Series 2 Bundle
Susan Walter
Our favorite puzzles

We are puzzle people but are picky about puzzle selections. Our first Odd piece puzzle was a gift and we LOVE IT. Gives a seasoned puzzler a different kind of challenge AND the quality of this product is outstanding. My only problem is that there aren't more of them now that we own 4 of them!

Corey Corey

Puzzle is colorful creative and a little confounding, pieces that you're sure go one place go another.
We had a lot of fun putting it together and figuring out the new puzzle scene. A few interestingly shaped pieces but looking at all the scenes is great fun

Series 2 Bundle
Julie Cunningham
Astro gastri

Great puzzle except one piece missing

They are great fiun to do

Beyond the Kelp
Olivier Coulombe

We had a lot of fun, and the outcome is cute and wholesome!

Exactly as described!

Great Gifts

The puzzle looks so amazing and fun, I wish I got to build the puzzle! But all the puzzles I got were gifts and have no heard any complaints at all!

Series 1 Bundle
Rebecca Mikkelsen
Challenging and fun!

I love solving puzzles that have little details to discover along the way. These puzzles fit the bill! So many little things to discover! My daughter and I had a great time putting them together!

Hope Hall
Refreshing Puzzling Experience

This puzzle is awesome! I purchased "Glitch" for myself, and it has been the most intriguing puzzle I've put together to date. It's ridiculously fun and adds a layer of difficulty that makes the puzzle solving process refreshing. 10/10 will be buying more in the future!

Series 1 Bundle
Christian Burden

Series 1 Bundle

Love it!

I got the first bundle but couldn’t buy the second cause I live in Brazil. Our currency is turning into dust so we can afford it anymore unfortunately. But I tell you: if you can, buy it cause it’s awesome, funny, well made and so beautiful S2

Michael Rumpf
Love the nastalgia!

Glitch reminded me of growing up in the 80's. Even though I figured out the outcome after reading the comic, I was still excited to relive that part of my gaming life! So fun!!!

Series 1 Bundle
Andrea Korpel
Love these puzzles

I’ve only done one so far and legit thought what I was putting together was a separate puzzle from the big one. So much fun to put together and then look for all the changes. Highly recommend.

David Samborski
Love this puzzel

Once you figure out what has happened it becomes clearer how to solve the puzzle. Great product. Will be buying more!