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Had ton of fun with family putting one of the puzzles together. It’s cool take on your traditional jigsaw puzzle that is very entertaining and challenging. The entire package is of high quality.

Will be continuing to buy these puzzles!

Series 1 Bundle
Kieran Alexander

Series 1 Bundle

Amazingly fun puzzle

PRO: I got the series bundle and I have LOVED it. The quality of the pieces is great - strong enough to lift the entire finished piece up at the end. The “odd” part really adds an element of surprise and difficulty (which I love.) The artwork is really pretty and I love that there are a variety of artists and art styles. Would highly recommend!!

Con: My only complaint would be when I reached my third puzzle box, the pieces didn’t seem to be cut/jumbled as properly as the previous boxes. While still a small handful, a good portion of the pieces were in connected chunks (2-5 at a time). When separating them, it caused some of the pieces to “tear” off a little on the bottom. The first two boxes didn’t have this issue, so I was a little upset to keep breaking off pieces in the third box. In addition, if you’re looking for a challenging puzzle, I wouldn’t consider these challenging. These are relatively straightforward but still fun.

Super fast shipping! Very satisfied with my purchase.

I feel the colors could’ve been more vivid, the story and concept is great. However, I feel it’s for someone in their teens, not especially in adult

The most fun I’ve had puzzling in years. The images are fantastic and creative. Genuinely look forward to putting them together more than once! Great work

Series 1 Bundle
David Wright
Gift for a friend and their family

They loved it!

Fun for everyone!

My kitten Tom is always happy to help me doing Odd Pieces puzzles!

Kelli King
Super Fun!

My husband saw an ad for this online, and since we love puzzles we tried it! The art is so colorful and we had so much fun finding all the changes in the story. I love the story of the artist and all the fun things in the box. We'll be back for more!


Un casse-tête dont on devient vite accro!

Cute and fun mini puzzles

These puzzles are so cute including the mini sized puzzles pieces. Because of their size they don’t fit together quite as easily it I had fun completing these three puzzles in a couple sittings. Fun add on!

Turbo 3000
Jonathan A Cross
Fun and Challenging (in a good way)

My wife and I really love the surprise of building the puzzle and uncovering the story. The packaging is very engaging and the little touches like the stickers and the hidden stories list are great. My favorite little detail is that it comes with two pictures of the puzzle, which is great because it's hard for us to share just one while putting the puzzle together, and now we don't have to!

Great but..

Love the puzzles. However, I am missing one piece of one of the three puzzles(the first bundle) I bought. I have reached out to customer service with no response. If you’re a puzzler you know how frustrating it is to miss a piece. I’m not sure if I lost it in the making of it?? Or if it came wo it?? Who knows. I will still give it 5 stars cuz it’s a really cool puzzle and challenging. I just wish they would respond to my emails whether it’s something they can fix or not. If you like puzzles go ahead and order all 3. You will love it.

Great Puzzles!

I built these with a friend; we're on puzzle 2/3 and we've been having a lot of fun with this! I really love the storytelling aspect and the fact the mystery part of them makes it just challenging enough while still being fun! The quality of the puzzle itself is perfect, and the pieces actually snap together also! I love the artwork in these puzzles, and I'm already planning to get the next series bundle. Not sure what I'm gonna do with all these puzzles later on, but that's for future me to figure out.

Series 1 Bundle
Fun art and mystery story lines

I’m working on my first odd pieces puzzle “ Beyond the Kelp” and am really enjoying the combination of interesting, thoughtful story and original graphic art. The puzzle quality is good too. Pieces snap together well, lay flat and colors are distinct. I bought a three pack so it will be a long challenge to get them all done but I’m really looking forward to it.

Reginald Thomas
Fun and Challenging

I really enjoyed the puzzles complexity of the picture is not the puzzle but is. It was fun looking at the differences but also confusing at times. The extras that are added in the box is also nice.

Best puzzle ever

My wife and I just finished this puzzle and it was great. I bought it for her because she loves jigsaw puzzles. Personally I’m not all that keen on them, but this one hooked me. I love how colourful it is and all the little creatures. It was definitely a mystery putting it together. It was necessary to really look at the figures to see what they were wearing to find them in their new positions. The buildings were a help although some of them changed too. Certainly a challenge but doable. Then when we got it all together it wasn’t over because there were other puzzles to solve as well. Fee Fi Fo Fum!
There was even the mystery of 3 spare pieces??? See photo. If anyone is missing 3 pieces for their puzzle let us know. I bought this as part of a puzzle pack of three and I’m looking forward to them as well.

Series 1 Bundle
Nancy Adams
Different! in a great way!

Quality pieces, challenging and fun. Not your ordinary puzzle.

Series 2 Bundle
Neesha Pyle
My new favorite puzzles!

Had a blast putting together the first puzzle in the bundle! Just finished it last night and I can't wait to start the second one. Such a fun concept and I love that it's more than just a regular puzzle with the cute mystery envelopes! :)

Christine Huddleston
A Big Hit!

I sent a puzzle to my daughter in law for her birthday and she loved it! She is an avid puzzler and couldn’t wait to start her puzzle. It would have been great if you had a gift option for the puzzle. I didn’t see one on the order form, but would have sent it as a gift if I could have!

Beyond the Kelp
Javier Santos Dacarett
Girlfriend Loved It!

I got one of the puzzles for my girlfriend as an anniversary gift and she loved it! Keep the good work, love the concept!

Can’t wait!

Bought for my granddaughter for Christmas, can’t wait for her to open them! I’m sure they’ll be a hit. What a great and novel concept!

Jeff Bajorek
Very excited to give this as a gift!

What a cool concept and a fun gift idea.

Series 1 Bundle
Lynne Taylor
Great gift

Got the trio for Christmas gifts. I’m excited about giving this gift. I know they’ll be a great. Also they arrived really quickly.

Great puzzles

Tons of fun and great quality too