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Series 1 Bundle
Joseph O'Krafka
Didn't need the checklist or comics

My hope was that I actually needed to rely on the extra materials provided (comic and checklist) to solve the puzzle, but I guess they're just there to emphasize that the final product isn't the same as what you see on the box. So far I've only completed Snack Attack, looking forward to see what the rest of Series 1 and Series 2 have in store.


Puzzles look great! Looking forward to doing them!

Great concept and fantastic quality

I am so impressed by the quality of the puzzles! They're very thick and sturdy, even survived a chew attack by my cat with only a few dents. I have only completed the Glitch puzzle but have loved all of the little hidden easter eggs in the picture. Really looking to doing the rest of the series! My only critique is the QR code in the completed puzzle which my phone refused to scan. Having a back up printed image of this would be the icing on the cake.

Fun and unique

The puzzles are so fun and unique! I loved the concept of these puzzles immediately when I saw them. So many details are added to each puzzle and each piece is a new discovery. It feels like there’s a mini story for each character shown and it brings the puzzles to life.

Coolest puzzles out there.

I happened upon Odd Pieces due to an ad on YouTube and was completely drawn in at the concept of these puzzles. My wife is an avid puzzler and we both love mysteries so this was a no-brainer purchase. We have only started on Glitch so far but the quality of the puzzle pieces is really nice and we love the matte finish. Can't wait to complete it to solve the mystery and move onto the next! Love these!

Snack Attack
Anton Bakken
Fun puzzle just took longer than expected to get

Ummm this email says I got the puzzle 14 days ago??? try 8 days ago. This puzzle was supposed to be a gift for my wife on her birthday that I ordered May 8th and it took ODD PIECES 11 days to process the order plus the extra days for shipping as a long weekend was in there. Just over 3 weeks to get a puzzle that cost over $60 CDN for. My wife enjoyed the puzzle that she just finished as again we JUST got this puzzle 8 days ago, but I was disappointed she did not get on her big day especially as I thought I ordered it early enough that it should have come before the long weekend. This is why I gave a 2 star review. Puzzle = Fun Ordering/Delivery = Terrible

Series 2 Bundle
Petra Orosz
it's very cute

I'm only in the process of solving the first of the new bundle (Shutterbug), but it's really fun, the story is fun, and I love the odd pieces in it, I think that's a very clever touch. Someone joined me for a while who's not familiar with Odd Pieces and he also seemed to enjoy it. :)

Xmas gifts

These were purchased as Xmas gifts for the Grand children. The plan is to buy the new puzzles also.

Series 2 Bundle
James Toole
A wonderful collection

These puzzles are so much fun! The added frustration of figuring out what's going on only increases the joy and satisfaction that comes with completing them. I highly recommend these puzzles (and the experience).

I can't wait to give this puzzle to my brother!

I bought this as a gift for my brother who is a master puzzler. He is already excited after I described it to him. Customer service is excellent. FedEx lost my package and they were very quick to resolve this and get a new puzzle out ASAP. I will be ordering all of our puzzles from Odd Pieces!

Series 2 Bundle
Gail Anthony
Love my new Odd Pieces puzzles!

We’ve finished one big one and one mini one so far. We love the challenge of the image changing and it’s a great family bonding activity. I hope there will be a series 3!

Another fun puzzle

This was my second Odd Pieces puzzle, so you know that they're doing something right. Glitch was a lot of fun to put together! The story was fun, and it's exactly the kind of colorful, chaotic puzzle that I love. I agree with another reviewer that this one was a little easier than others of this size to put together due to the distinct colors, but that's enjoyable sometimes too. I won't deduct a star because I loved the puzzle overall and want to keep trying more Odd Pieces puzzles, but some of the pieces were a little worn despite being brand new.

Series 2 Bundle
Alexander Chao
Was amazing!

Me and my girlfriend loved all of the puzzles and theme. We would definitely be looking forward to a season 3.

Great addition

The mini puzzles were so cute and fun. I loved putting together the main puzzles so having the mini puzzles were like a bonus adventure to keep the fun going.

Tons of fun

Series 2 is so cool, love that the little mini puzzles are also a little piece of the larger puzzle as well. It’s also fun that in one of them there’s a little cryptogram to solve for all the different signs. These puzzles are so addicting, because we want to know what happens to the story so it’s so pleasing to be able to put the puzzle together to finally see the complete story. I also love all the little details and characters of each one. The puzzles are definitely good quality puzzles that will last many uses. These are amazing!

Series 2 Bundle
Kelbie Dern
Fun twists and cool details

This puzzle was harder to put together than I thought it was going to be, but that’s because it exceeded my expectations! The end result was much different from its starting point and the story it told was funny and beautiful. Only one of the three I ordered are done, but now so excited to do the rest!

Series 2 Bundle
Allan Seward
Christmas present

My daughter and her fiance liked the first series so I have no doubt they will when they get them. But will have to wait for Christmas to know for sure.

Series 2 Bundle
Mark Stevenson

This was the most fun I have ever had with a puzzle. The lids were involved and I loved the challenge of not knowing what the picture truly was.

Series 2 Bundle
Daniel Gracey

Series 2 Bundle

Series 1 Bundle
Julee George
Never delivered

This delivery was never received. Is this a scam?

Hello Julee, Please email us at with your order number and we can investigate what happened to your shipment. We'll be sure to get the puzzles safely to your doorstep!

Series 2 Bundle
barbara balega
Great jigsaw puzzles - quality pieces that fit!

I love these jigsaw puzzles. I love that you have to solve the mystery, and that the pictures aren’t exactly like what is pictured on the front of the box. Both my husband and I enjoy putting the pieces together and they are quality pieces that actually fit. The artwork is great. Looking forward to the next installment.

Surprising and pleasant

My experience with Odd Pieces was wonderful. It was a gift for my godmother, she is a massive fan of puzzles. This one blew her mind. She had never seen anything like this one, and absolutely loved it.

Series 2 Bundle
Parker Jorgensen
Wonderfully unique and clever

These puzzles are awesome. The concept of having the puzzle scenario play out is very cool and leads to some really fun discoveries as you put it together. The puzzle changing really keeps you on your toes! I would totally recommend this for puzzle lovers!

Excellent Fun

This puzzle was a real joy to put together, and the story it told was great. The artwork is top notch, and the build quality is superior. We really enjoyed the hidden gems, and the special cut pieces this time was a really nice touch.

Highly recommended, will buy more from this team!

Snack Attack review

A lovely puzzle, very much enjoyed it. Took us maybe 4 hrs a night for 3 nights? We have two other from the bundle and then two more from a Kickstarter promotion they just had. Looking forward to doing those 4, but after the Summer is over!
BTW, we did have 2 extra pieces left over, 2 from he border. Didn’t interfere with he puzzle making but am curious how they got in there?