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Snack Attack
Cheryl K
So Much Fun

Snack Attack was a ton of fun to complete. Great quality, fun illustration and fast shipping. I did this puzzle with my mom and we had a few good laughs as the image came together. I do wish it included one poster that was a little bigger as I did a bit of squinting, but no complaints. I’ll be buying another.

Snack Attack
Martha N.
Great customer service

My first puzzle was a gift. It was missing 4 pieces. I contacted the company and was promptly sent a replacement. I enjoyed working this puzzle and did so without looking at the “after” picture. Fun and challenging. I would prefer the pieces stay together tighter but it was enjoyable.

Hard to not stop and look for a piece

As soon as we got the puzzles, my wife tore open the box and dumped it on our gaming table. She then spent the next 8 hours that day working on it with some help from me. It took 3 days (we still had to go to work) but every time we walked by the table we stopped and looked for a piece. We are looking forward to the next set of puzzles.

Series 1 Bundle
Lauren Fultz
Great puzzles!

I love the concept of these puzzles

Series 1 Bundle: 3 Pack + Character Minis v2
Susan E Lockhart

I am still on my first puzzle. I love the quality of the pieces and artwork. It makes for an enjoyable puzzle experience. I find the puzzle very challenging and would not recommend it for a beginner, especially since the final picture is different from the box picture. For a seasoned puzzler like myself it is providing me with many hours of stimulation and fun

Super fun to make

That's nice to have to figure out some details because it is not the same as the picture. The story to discover is funny, and there is a "Ah-Ah!" moment. Very enjoyable, and the puzzle is hard enough to make without being too hard either.

Series 1 Bundle
Alexandra Kelebay
Such a fun and unique idea!

These puzzles are so much fun — the added element of mysteries and clues to solve makes them especially unique, great for adults and kids alike. These would make wonderful gifts!

Genius. Being fun to discover the changes in the story

I LOVE these puzzles! They’re challenging in the most fun way and total conversation pieces. I think a puzzle party with this set, wine and a weekend would be amazing!!

Snack Attack
Kennedy Tuson
Difficult and fun!

Most of the time when i get medium sized puzzles im always afraid the puzzle will be too easy. This one was fun, and it took me a while instead of being done in an afternoon! I loved figuring out the story buts too! Thank you Odd Pieces!

Series 1 Bundle
Stephanie Taleghani
Wonderful Puzzles

If you are looking to get more out of your puzzles give Odd Pieces a try. I love the challenge of not knowing exactly what I’m building. The stories are funny and cute that go along with each puzzle!

Series 1 Bundle
Vanessa Black
SO Much Fun!

These brain twisting puzzles are so fun to do as a family. Highly recommend!

Series 1 Bundle: 3 Pack + Character Minis v2
Bailey Miong
Awesome bundle.

So far I've completed two mini puzzles and part of a 1000 piece.

For the minis: I love the pictures and the novelty of little baby pieces. It's really hard to tell if you've put things in the right place though, the shapes aren't unique enough. I got there in the end.

For the big one: amazing quality, the picture is really fun and I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying discovering all the little aspects that are different from the image on the box. No issue with pieces that seem to fit but don't. You can't pick up big sections since the pieces are so sturdy, they don't lock together, but I'm not complaining about that since I feel like it will last longer.

Overall I love these!

Series 1 Bundle
Jen Kramper

What a great challenge!!

Snack Attack
Siobhan Tobin

It was fun! If there was a way to make a more challenging version, that would be great.

Series 1 Bundle
Mike Bezold
Fun time

My wife and I completed the under the sea puzzle in about 12 hours. It was a lot of fun and look the other two. The differences between the puzzle and the picture were enough to make it interesting, but not so much as to puzzle impossible. Highly recommend this product

Series 1 Bundle
Puzzle piece missing

it was really fun (me and my mom did the dog highschool one) but the middle piece was missing! it wasn’t too bad but it was disappointing for sure.

Brilliant idea

A great way to challenge a jigsaw expert.

I’m in love

I’m the kind of puzzler who loves puzzling but never “has the time to do them” these mini puzzles are PERFECT for me. I sit down with tea at night, solve one and then get ready for bed. I love the mystery message and scenes.

Perfect gift addition for care packages which I’ll be sending to all my friends.

Series 1 Bundle
Asma Abbasi
Amazing puzzles

The puzzles were so amazing and so entertaining. My family and I loved it.

Snack Attack
Philip Thomas
Poor shipping and poor shipping policy

I ordered Snack Attack on Dec. 19, 2022 as a Christmas gift for my kids. Today is Jan. 3, 2023 and the FedEx package is still in transit. Customer service sent an auto reply response to my email. Shipping policy 'absolves' the company for taking any responsibility for shipping issues. I won't be doing business with Odd Pieces again.

Series 1 Bundle
Aaisha Mohamud
Very impressive!

The puzzles are honestly genius! They’re not your typical puzzles and you’ll have so much fun playing them. I would highly recommend these to anyone and they make the best addition to game nights with your family.

Series 1 Bundle
Debra Thomson
Anticipating lots of fun!

We haven’t given this as a gift yet since our Christmas was postponed twice but I’m looking forward to giving it. It is a requested gift for my son in law. I know he’s looking forward to receiving it. The delivery was quick and the puzzle looks intriguing.

Great clever puzzle

Had a great family time!

Series 1 Bundle
Janelle Jubinville
Super excited to start

I bought the series in November in order to get ahead of the shipping only to lose out on the 3 extra puzzle canisters. Boo me.
I can’t wait to open the puzzles after Christmas though

Series 1 Bundle
Jeanette Norgate

Love them thanks.