Rodrigo Tejero

Tell us about yourself

I'm a web developer, pixel artist, comic reader, video gamer and pizza lover based in Mexico City. Creating this puzzle is a dream come true. I really hope you enjoy finding all the microstories (there are a lot of them, trust me). Life is amazing and I'm very grateful to be able to leave this art piece as part of my legacy.

What inspires you to create pixel art?

I'm 36 right now and I fell in love with pixel art since I was able to grab a NES controller to play Super Mario Bros. Obviously, I grew up drawing in MS Paint. I love doing stuff with little squares. As you can see from Glitch, I'm all about 80-90s’ nostalgia, internet culture, memes and video games.

Any tips for puzzlers?

Enjoy the time with your family, eat pizza, sing, play video games, write, draw, talk with your friends, eat a little more pizza and never, never take anything for granted. Everything has its beautiful side if you take the time to appreciate it!