Iyla So

Tell us about your project

Frog Con is an annual online convention dedicated to our silly little friends, frogs! It is a place where froggy lovers can have froggy fun, learn about frogs, and engage with the frog community. All profits we make go towards supporting our froggy artists, and donated to frog-related charity so that we can save more frogs in the wild.

I started Frog Con in 2021 with my exec team to help support frogs in the wild and to create a fun and educational event for our community of frog lovers (called Frog Cult). We are so excited to be able to return this year for Frog Con 2022 and to have Odd Pieces support us in our froggy endeavors!

What will you use the funds for?

The generous funds from Odd pieces will help us run the event – for things like domain and hosting costs,and merchandise production. With this support from Odd Pieces we will be able to make more excitingmerch for Frog Con attendees, and raise even more money for froggy charity!

What inspires you to create art?

To no surprise, frogs are a huge inspiration for my personal art and for Frog Con. To me, frogs are the perfect blend of silliness, cuteness, and diversity, which makes them absolutely adorable and incredibly interesting creatures. As an animal that is often loved by kids, I also see them as a symbol for a child - like curiosity and an open - minded nature that should always remain with you as you grow up. I enjoy making merchandise and art that makes people smile, and frogs are a great subject for that!

What’s your message to the community?

If you like frogs, please check out Frog Con! Or my froggy store as well :)
We are incredibly grateful to Odd Pieces for their generous donation to support us and frogs!