Joseph Gonzalez

Tell us about your project

I started my professional career as a toy designer 7 years ago as soon as I graduated from university earning my toy design degree. Since then, I have been working in the field of designing toys and games for several companies and in my work. Those experiences were very rewarding for me and so I felt it was an excellent opportunity to give those same insights, skills, and knowledge to my community about what I love to do so much giving others the same experiences I had in creating art and fun toys for a living. Now to get there I am focusing on how I can effectively educate others about toy design by going back to university and earning my master’s in art education.

What will you use the funds for?

I will use the funds to help me continue that pursuit by supporting me to pay for tuition so I can have the knowledge and skills I need to teach others about art and toy design.

What inspires you to create art?

I am inspired by my love of toys growing up, anything that I see that may drive my curiosity is what inspires me to come up with a unique piece. I love creating objects of play that people enjoy.

What’s your message to the community?

“Never stop playing! you always have an opportunity to learn, create, and explore new things through the act of play. I hope you continue to be inspired and follow your dreams ever that maybe as you incorporate play into your life.”