Julie Liu

Tell us about your project

I have been illustrating adventures of my husband and I since 2012, and it has always been my way of expressing my love and gratitude for our time together.

I use digital art to illustrate the little moments of our lives into 4-panel comics. The moments that make me laugh, make me cry, and make my heart feel full inside. It allows me to reflect on our lives and appreciate the small but special times we all share together.

What will you use the funds for?

After ten years, I have drawn an extensive collection of comic strips and it has always been my dream to publish my art into a physical comic book. I would love for my readers to hold and flip through a physical print, detailing the evolution of my work through the years. The funds from Odd Pieces will greatly help with the publication fees involved in making this possible.

What inspires you to create art?

I have never been great with words. I express myself fully through the mediums of art. Expressing how you feel to your long-term partner can be challenging to verbalise as the years go by. But we all know it's important to let them know how much we appreciate them. This has always been what inspires me to create and help me reflect.

What’s your message to the community?

Keep doing what you love. It will always feel like there are people out there much better than you at what you're doing. But keep going, because there's only one of you with your style.