Mystery Puzzle Answers

What was a typical school day was suddenly in commotion. For it was a savory smell that caused an implosion. One sprinted quicker than others. What breed was the fastest runner?


A joyous time of the year where being spotless is an expectation. Thus cleaning is part of preparation. How many days are left until the big event?

9 days

The town before was dark and moody. But after the melody, it was all happy and beauty. A certain individual didn't get the cue, for he was occupied and hadn't got a clue. What was this individual doing?


A certain age group that is well known. They grew up with video games and flip phones. What generation does Ricky belong to?


The cosmic cat whose name is finally revealed. We wonder what was Gary's very last meal?

Pepperoni pizza

Within this sign lay an important message. Dropped by the guru who speaks an ancient language. What does the mysterious sign say?

Let there be light