Meet the artists

Introducing our 3 Incredible Artists

Learn about what inspires them to create art, the challenges they face in their careers, and their journey with Odd Pieces puzzles.

Turbo 3000 by 3Land Studio 🇯🇵

3LAND consists of 3 members. Husband (Pom from Thailand), wife (Moe from Japan) and their son (Jinta) now living in Japan. Their love for art brought them together during a group exhibition in Taiwan where Moe and Pom learned to communicate through art.


Snack Attack by Nho Huy Le 🇻🇳

"Every single character in this puzzle has their own story. That’s how I planned my masterpiece from start to finish– by delivering stories in every single character so that you can always find something new." - Nho Huy Le


Beyond the Kelp by Juan Pablo Castromora 🇨🇷

"The colors and the message within the puzzle. I hope it’ll bring a smile to those who build the puzzle. It’s a message of seeing positivity in everything– something that we all need during this uncertain time." - Juan