The most exciting jigsaw puzzle game is back! 

We combined the traditional jigsaw puzzle with storytelling comics, Where’s Waldo book styles, and mysteries to create the coolest, most fun and brain-puzzling experience yet! Enjoy a different way to puzzle that’s 1000x more fun and NEVER boring!

 The image on the box is NOT exactly what you build.  

You don’t know what you’re building, so every piece is part of the surprise. Every single piece gets you closer to finding out what happens in the story. That means it'll keep you guessing until the very last piece!

Every single puzzle piece gives an interesting detail or makes part of a story. You might find yourself staring at the artwork for hours and still find something new to look at!

We raised $500,000+ for Series 1 and now we are back with Series 2!

We have enhanced the surprises at the end, added riddles that will bend your mind, and made a few genius improvements that YOU suggested. Series 2 will provide maximum fun for everyone! 

  • 💥 Next-level surprises! 
  • 🔍 Added satisfying riddles! 
  • 🧩 Added odd-shaped pieces! 
  • 📜 2x BIGGER puzzle guide map! 
  • 🗯 New worlds, stories & characters!

We worked with incredibly talented artists and comic writers to create 3 new worlds filled with detailed art, hidden stories, secrets, and mysteries scattered throughout.

Assemble the 1,000 pieces and solve the mystery. Each piece revealing a little more as you build your way to the unexpected ending. All 3 jigsaw puzzles are adult and kid-friendly.

1000 pieces of Premium Quality Jigsaw Puzzles

  • 🧩 Thick blue board material
  • 🧩 Matte laminate finish
  • 🧩 9600 dpi print quality
  • 🧩 No false fits
  • 🧩 No puzzle dust

It's a lot more than just jigsaw puzzles!

  • 📜 2x Life-size Puzzle Guide Map
  • 🗯 Storytelling Comics
  • 🔍 Treasure Hunt Clues + Riddles
  • 🧑🏻‍🎨 Artist Fun Facts
  • ✨ Limited Edition Sticker Pack
  • ✉️ Secret Ending Envelope
Say hello to our 3 talented artists 👋🏻 Please support them by following them on Instagram!

🇮🇳 Arindam Dhar

Artist for: AstroGastro

Instagram: @dust_2196

What is a fun fact about you?

I was born as a triplet (identical) and have always shared most of our stuff. We used to draw stuff together when we were kids and I think that stuck around. The three of us are now into illustrations and animations which is pretty cool if I say so myself. My brothers and I would draw these worlds filled with small creatures and monsters who had a lot of food, danced, slept and partied everywhere on their weird moving contraptions. We plan on opening a studio someday in the future and work together on more cool stuff.

🇦🇺 Kell Kitsch

Artist for: Shutterbug

Instagram: @kellkitsch

What is your dream?

To retire young, be in fairly good health, live in a little house in the forest and ocean, with floor-to-ceiling shelves and one of those rolly library ladders. And to also publish a handful of books and work on a video game.

🇲🇽 Rodrigo Tejero

Artist for: Glitch

Instagram: @thepixelchimp

What message would you like to tell the backers when they play your puzzle?

I want you, incredible backer, to enjoy this. It was done with a lot of love, a lot of passion and a lot of tiny little squares. There's tons of references and little details everywhere and I really love to imagine you playing it with a smile on your face. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.

And be weird... as weird as you want, as weird as you are. Don't let the opinions of others define you. 

When getting to know our artists, we realized that the road to creating art full-time was not always easy. That’s why, we're committing 5% of every puzzle sale to support more other artists and their journeys!

We award grants to artists who are filled with passion and talent, but who are short on resources to make their dreams come true. There are thousands of undiscovered amazing artists (and probably at least a few would-be Picassos!) who are limited in their creativity due to financial troubles. We want to help them fulfill their potential! If you are in that situation, apply for the grant now!